Food Security Workshop | Day 2: FarmVibes.AI Overview & Training

Published on 17 Nov 2022, 3:34
This workshop was part of the Microsoft Research Summit 2022:

Microsoft Research recently released a new suite of farm-focused technologies into open-source. The Project FarmVibes.AI will help and empower researchers/data scientists to innovate and build their own AI Models. Using our cutting-edge research, we built and shared workflows that take some of the mundane tasks out, as well as sample workflows to get you jump-started, to use their expertise to build domain/scenario specific workflows and AI models. These workshop talks focused on providing introduction and training to these workflows and algorithms. 

Workshop Day 1 video:

0:00 Day 2 Opening
Ranveer Chandra, Microsoft Research Redmond

7:16 FarmVibes.AI Intro
Leonardo Nunes, Microsoft Research

30:07 FarmVibes.AI OSS Overview and how to setup
Renato Luiz de Freitas Cunha, Microsoft Research
Bruno Silva, Microsoft Research

1:16:54 Model training notebook in FarmVibes.AI
Rafael Padilha, Microsoft Research

2:02:50 Weed Detection workflow
Alex Crown, Microsoft Research Redmond

2:20:35 SpaceEye in FarmVibes.AI
Roberto Estevao, Microsoft Research

2:54:33 Sustainability Practices/Land Degradation Workflows | slides
Eduardo Rodrigues, Microsoft Research
Roberto Santos, Microsoft Research

3:19:26 Workshop Closing
Ranveer Chandra, Microsoft Research Redmond

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