Building a Startup Team

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Published on 19 Nov 2022, 17:00
Meet Sasha Haco - Co-Founder and CEO of Unity - a startup developing computer vision models that help promote a safer internet, and Kasia Dorsey - Founder and CEO of Yosh.AI - a startup using AI to automate communication through voice and text assistants for various industries. On this episode of Founded, they share their experience managing and growing a technical team. Learn how leadership and communication styles evolve with a growing startup, when to begin hiring, how to motivate employees through difficult times, what’s involved in training new team members, and more.

About the Founders:

Sasha Haco is the CEO and founder of Unitary, which aims to make the internet safer by automatically detecting harmful online content. Unitary's state-of-the-art AI models interpret content in context, automating the content moderation process by developing an understanding of the meaning behind user-generated interactions. Before founding Unitary in 2019, Sasha was studying mathematics to solve the mysteries of the universe at the University of Cambridge and as a visiting fellow at Harvard University. During her PhD, she worked with Stephen Hawking to explore the ‘information paradox’ to answer the question: what happens to objects when they fall into a black hole? Her research, which aimed to derive the entropy of black holes, was documented in the Netflix film The Edge of All We Know. Driven by understanding–and solving–complex problems, Sasha joined Entrepreneur First in 2019 where she met co-founder James Thewlis and founded Unitary in June of that year.

Kasia Dorsey, who was nominated as Forbes “100 European Female Founders'', after spending years in marketing within The Coca-Cola Co., has founded Yosh.AI with a mission to re-invent communication between companies and end users with conversational AI, focusing on voice AI agents for call centers. The products include AI voice and text virtual assistants, visual search across numerous communication channels and over 100 languages. Yosh.AI currently works successfully with many international companies focusing on EMEA and NorthAm, in retail, banking and insurance, helping them implement automation into their communication streams through the use of AI. Yosh.AI is a global Google Cloud Partner and the winner of numerous International technology competitions including prestigious winner award from The AI Journal, “Global Excellence Awards” for “Best Use of AI for Customer Experience” in 2021. Forbes named Yosh.AI as a company that is changing the future of retail. Kasia is passionate about deep-tech and adding value to the business through the further implementation of AI. She is an active mentor at Google and is the global Ambassador of the Blackbox Silicon Valley Acceleration program. She supports the growth of innovative solutions and passionate people.

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