Assured Workloads for Criminal Justice Information Services

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API management with Apigee
Published on 22 Nov 2022, 17:00
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Did you know that Assured Workloads can help you run Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) in the cloud? In this video, Bryce Buffaloe explores how you can run workloads that store and process criminal justice and law enforcement information. Watch along and learn how Google Cloud can support municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations looking to run CJIS-compliant workloads!

0:00 - Intro
0:21 - What is CJIS?
2:46 - How can Assured Workloads help?
4:12 - Assured Workloads vs. government clouds
5:21 - Getting started with Assured Workloads for CJIS
6:01 - Wrap up

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