Inmarsat: Running business-critical applications at the edge with AWS Outposts | Amazon Web Services

Published on 22 Nov 2022, 18:12
Inmarsat, a global mobile satellite communications company providing critical voice and data communications products and services, uses AWS Outposts to run its business-critical billing system at the edge. Inmarsat has migrated over 90 percent of its global infrastructure to AWS, but a number of its business-critical applications, like its billing system, have to remain on-premises because these applications require connectivity to local databases and systems at a very low latency. By deploying its entire billing system on Outposts, Inmarsat is able to keep the latency at 1.2 milliseconds against a goal of under 2 milliseconds. With Outposts, Inmarsat can now process bills to its maritime, government, enterprise, and aviation customers in a timely manner while simplifying IT operations by managing both its cloud and edge environments with the same talent and toolsets. Outposts also allows Inmarsat to easily maintain the same security stance, auditing, monitoring, reporting, and cost efficiency as in the cloud.

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