Amazon Macie: Fine-tune sensitive data findings with allow lists | Amazon Web Services

Published on 12 Jan 2023, 23:36
You can now use Amazon Macie to create and use allow lists to specify text or text patterns that you don’t want Macie to report as sensitive data. For example, an allow list might include corporate phone numbers, names of executives, or sample data that is used for testing. When you create a sensitive data discovery job, you can configure the job to use one or more of your allow lists, in addition to choosing from a growing list of Macie managed data identifiers (MDI).

Getting started with Amazon Macie is fast and easy with one-click in the AWS Management Console or with a single API call. In addition, Macie has multi-account support using AWS Organizations, which makes it easier for you to enable Macie across all of your AWS accounts.

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