The Level1 Show May 19 2023: I'm Afraid I Can't Add Any More Nuggets to This Order, Dave

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What the ARC A580 Means for the A770
Published on 19 May 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
1:01 - OpenAI’s new tool attempts to explain language models’ behaviors
2:52 - Wendy's testing AI chatbot that takes drive-thru orders
4:06 - Sam Altman: OpenAI won't tap into customer APIs
5:06 - Alphabet-backed Anthropic outlines the moral values behind its AI bot
6:39 - Meta open-sources multisensory AI model that combines six types of data
7:33 - Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot gains new features as preview expands
8:35 - IBM unveils new watsonx, AI and data platform
9:13 - Slack adding generative AI to interact with colleagues
10:42 - OpenAI contractors make $15 to train ChatGPT
12:10 - Artificial Intelligence: Pearson takes legal action over use of its content to train AI
12:48 - AI is coming to Google search through Search Generative Experience
13:48 - Google AI: What to know about the PaLM 2 large language model
14:45 - Google’s new Magic Editor uses AI to totally transform your photos
16:01 - Porsche to use Mobileye’s “SuperVision” system in future cars
16:33 - SpaceX says it will launch first commercial space station by mid-2025
17:48 - Liz Holmes Wants You to Forget About Elizabeth
19:50 - Sunak uses helicopter for trip that would have taken just over an hour by train
20:39 - Suspected Bud Light purchase likely led to altercation outside Ontario liquor store: police
22:54 - George Santos pleads not guilty to 13-count federal indictment
24:27 - 'Suspicious' Chef Boyardee can on wheels leads Chicago cops to shut down street
25:00 - Baltimore joined a number of cities who say Hyundai and Kia created a public nuisance by making cars that can be easily stolen
26:12 - Yet another problem with recycling: It spews microplastics
27:25 - Utah woman who wrote a book on dealing with grief charged with husband’s murder
29:31 - Australia: Woman survives on wine during five days stranded in Australian bush
30:30 - Italy calls crisis meeting over surging pasta prices
31:44 - Germany: Man rescued from woods after sex game goes awry
33:07 - NIH reinstates grant for controversial coronavirus research
34:12 - First UK baby with DNA from three people born after new IVF procedure
34:57 - Robert De Niro reveals he is a dad again, welcomes seventh child at 79
35:51 - This Brazilian frog might be the first pollinating amphibian known to science
36:47 - Bear held for killing jogger in Italy is innocent, say animal activists
37:53 - Great Smoky Mtns NP – Bear Activity & Shelter Closed – Cosby Knob
39:13 - Police searching for someone yelling "help" find goat instead
40:22 - Study Says Opossums Don't Eat Ticks By The Thousands
41:54 - Fan Selling Contacts That 'Saw Taylor Swift Eras Tour' For $10,000
44:00 - Huge phallic likeness mowed into lawn at King Charles’ coronation event site


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