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Published on 18 Jun 2023, 13:00
Have you ever experienced storage issues with your home security cameras or dashcams? Picking the right microSD cards for home security cameras and dashcams can protect you against interruptions in footage of package receipts, household visitors, and even road rage incidents.
Unfortunately, memory cards can fail, and at the worst times. Whether it’s a smartphone, GoPro, drone, dashcam, or mirrorless camera, being in the position of realizing that the essential wedding shots or break-in footage was not captured is always awful. It’s important to note that memory cards are not all created equally. In fact, they differ substantially in reliability over time.

Continuous Recording
Dashcams and home security cameras (e.g. video doorbells) capture radically different footage. However, they have something in common: their footage is recorded 24/7. However, some consumer drives are simply not made for this. When selecting a microSD card, we must first ensure it is tested and rated for this kind of long-term usage. A high-endurance card, designed especially for heavy use and write-intensive applications, is critical in video doorbells and dashcam usage. Over time, a dashcam will write and rewrite hundreds, if not thousands of times. Dashcams generally shoot 30-60 frames per second (fps). 60fps footage provides a smoother, high-quality image that takes twice the storage space of 30fps footage, which is still good quality but not as smooth. Be sure to pick a card that supports higher frame rates and has the correct amount of storage.

High Endurance Cards

The main thing to remember when purchasing a memory card for your dashcam is that high-endurance cards are necessary when compared to general-purpose cards. Try to find one with a warranty, since it could wear out over time. A memory card with the right performance and capacity can help dashcams run for a longer period. It’s worth investing in quality, reliable memory cards for your dashcam, to ensure that you get high-quality footage with your dashcam when you need it most. If you’re looking for a card, the Kingston High Endurance series of SD cards are made specifically for scenarios such as dashcams and doorbells. When shopping for SD cards, it’s important to be wary of counterfeit cards, where the specs on the site all look perfect but in actuality, you aren’t getting what you paid for. Read reviews to check their performance against their claims. You can even test your SD card with an SD card read/write speed test program when your drive arrives. Most counterfeit drives are slow and poor quality and won’t meet the advertised read/write speeds. If they don’t, contact the seller and advise them of the situation, then initiate a return.

For dashcams and home security cameras to perform reliably, you’ll need a high-endurance card purposely designed for heavy use and write-intensive applications. High-endurance cards are engineered both for this and usage in harsh conditions, such as the dead of winter or heatwaves in summer. Some are even rated to protect themselves from shock and water as well as extreme temperatures.

The minimum requirement is a card that reliably has the footage you need. A card with corrupt or missing footage when you need it most is not doing its job. When we invest time and money into finding the perfect device, we do ourselves a disservice by matching anything other than the correct card to the task at hand.
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