LBSS Tutorial - Marker-Based Location Sharing (MBLS) with VO Mode Setup | LBSS & VIVE Business+

Published on 15 Jul 2023, 20:00
Learn how to set up Marker-Based Location Sharing with Visual Odometry Mode (VO Mode) using VIVE Business Plus. Create a seamless VR environment for multiplayer experiences without the need for specific starting locations or map sharing. Join the tutorial and optimize your VR setup today!

Video Timeline:
0:00 MBLS+VO Mode Tutorial Intro
0:45 Setup the Headset
2:09 Creat the Markers
3:23 API Setting
5:03 Enjoy MBLS+VO Mode

Support Page - Marker-Based Location Sharing:

Support Page - VIVE ArUco Marker Generator:

Sample Project for API Setting:

VIVE Business Plus:

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