Kukirin V1 Pro Electric Bike Official Video

Published on 30 Aug 2023, 3:40
Get the Kukirin V1 Pro at: bit.ly/45PVzNK
Lightweight and Durable
The KuKirin V1 Pro Electric Bike is designed with a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame, weighing only 21.2kg.

High Load Capacity for Versatile Use
With a maximum load capacity of 120kg, this bike is suitable for a wide range of riders.

Powerful Motor and Battery
The bike is powered by a 350W, 48V motor, providing a maximum speed of 45km/h and a maximum range of 45km in assist mode.

Effective Braking System for Safe Riding
The bike features a front and rear disc brake system, as well as an E brake, ensuring reliable and efficient stopping power.

Convenient Accessories and LCD Display
Other features of the bike include an LCD display showing information such as speed, battery level, and trip distance/odometer, and accessories such as a basket, saddle, front fender, and LED light.

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