Transforming Agriculture with Monarch Tractor's Wingspan AI | AWS All Things Automotive Series

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Published on 14 Sep 2023, 17:48
Discover the transformative impact of Monarch Tractor on global greenhouse gas emissions in this episode of All Things Automotive. With farming contributing 25% of all emissions, Monarch is leading a quiet revolution in the fields. Special guest Chris Whitney, Chief Digital Officer, offers a technical deep-dive into their groundbreaking approach, combining electric autonomous vehicles with cutting-edge connected mobility software through the innovative big loop concept.

Monarch's Wingspan AI, hosted on AWS, offers valuable insights from real-world operations to farmers. Get a look at the Monarch OS, integrated into the tractor's roof, ensuring safe and strategic autonomous mobility. Catch this quick episode, hosted by AWS' Stefano Marzani, Worldwide Technical Lead for SDV, and witness the big bang of automotive disruption.

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