The Level1 Show October 20 2023: Gluttonous Grazer Grabs the Gold

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Published on 20 Oct 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:38 - OpenAI quietly changed its ‘core values’
1:16 - Google to defend generative AI users from copyright claims
2:00 - You can now generate AI images directly in the Google Search bar
2:40 - Google Bard Employees Question Usefulness of AI Models
3:31 - Adobe created a symbol to encourage tagging AI-generated content
4:12 - Adobe’s Project Fast Fill is generative fill for video
4:48 - Adobe previews AI upscaling to make blurry videos and GIFs look fresh
5:37 - Adobe's next-gen Firefly 2 offers vector graphics, more control and photorealistic renders
6:06 - Adobe unveils new image generation tools in AI push
6:27 - US Space Force Bans AI Tools Like ChatGPT Over Security Fears
7:05 - IBM CEO in damage control mode after AI job loss comments
7:56 - Klarna Adds AI-Driven Photo Feature to Drive You Further Into Debt
8:42 - Man trains home cameras to help repel badgers and foxes
9:50 - Waymo’s robotaxis are now available to tens of thousands of people across all of San Francisco
10:25 - A Florida man who shot down a law enforcement drone faces 10 years in prison
11:38 - Freak accident in San Francisco traps pedestrian under robotaxi
12:30 - Groundbreaking achievement as bionic hand merges with user's nervous system
13:09 - Could Chinese Self-Driving Cars Go On A Programed Killing Spree In America? Some Lawmakers Think So
14:36 - NASA Reveals First Pictures of Osiris-Rex Asteroid Samples
15:41 - Amazon Project Kuiper Launches First Two LEO Satellites
16:41 - Prada to design Nasa's new Moon suit
17:57 - Someone could soon be killed or injured by falling satellites every two years, US official report warns
19:22 - Could a new law of physics support the idea we're living in a computer simulation?
20:18 - US nutrition panel’s ties to top food giants revealed in new report
21:07 - Long Island bus driver not charged for drinking on the job
22:00 - Bay Area restaurants institute penalty for brunch vomiters
22:46 - “Real Water” that poisoned dozens contained chemical from rocket fuel
23:45 - WWE’s Randy Orton Paid Someone $1K To Level Up In Elden Ring
24:50 - New Jersey GOP Candidate Who Smeared Poop On Day Care Blames Obama
25:51 - Polish Bishop Apologizes After Reports That Male Prostitute Blacked Out at ’Sex Party’ Organized by Priest
26:40 - Minneapolis PD officer outed as OnlyFans model after pulling over subscriber
28:01 - Palm Springs residents complain about proposed AIDS memorial "anus" statue
28:44 - ACT college admissions test scores fall to 30-year low among U.S. students
29:45 - Winnie-the-Pooh Horror Movie Shown to Children in Florida School
30:42 - Man arrested twice for DUI on tractor: police
31:59 - Scientists Use CRISPR to Make Chickens More Resistant to Bird Flu
33:18 - Wyoming Ranchers Accused Of Bleaching Penis Shapes Onto Neighbor’s Cows
34:13 - Escaped Pet Emu Strangled to Death by Arizona Sheriff's Deputies
35:05 - Fat Bear Week: female bear 128 Grazer wins after ‘stuffing salmon in her face’
36:03 - Black bear walks into a gas station bar, takes a pack of gummy bears and leaves
36:41 - Florida black bear spotted hanging out at Naples yacht club

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