China Got No Game - WAN Show October 20, 2023

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Published on 21 Oct 2023, 4:47
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:14 Intro
1:47 Topic #1 - US to stop NVIDIA from shipping RTX 4090 to China
3:33 Limited exports to KSA, UAE & Vietnam, other GPU variants
4:34 NVIDIA's $400M quarterly sales, is this going to do anything?
6:21 Local factories, governments' influence on companies
8:16 Topic #2 - Jon Stewart's "The Problem" will not have a third season
8:52 Topic #3 - NY lawmakers demand background checks on 3D printers
10:40 Linus on Luke's "realistic view," banned products, anarchic book
14:02 Implications, shotguns, policy makers, hand-made guns
21:22 Policy makers, Linus on the size of Canada & its inhabitability
27:18 Topic #4 - Apple to update sealed iPhones remotely
28:15 Linus loves this, Luke is worried about this
31:02 Future Secret Shopper 3 parts, Linus on versions & updating
33:15 Linus's steam updates theory, Luke rejects it ft. Windows updates
39:21 Linus on seamless MacOS updates compared to Windows
42:01 Topic #5 - Linus wants Steam to improve SH's system information
44:44 Luke shows average hardware, Linus on how this is misleading
47:47 LTTStore's new dropout jacket
48:36 Linus mentions audio guy & Luke's response
51:54 LTTStore's new controller ornaments
56:38 Potential bits holder, color coding, Linus on its issues
59:25 Linus breaks the table, discussing lanyards & carabiner
1:07:08 Merch Messages #1
1:07:14 Examples of tech that makes processes longer or more tedious?
1:12:28 Controller ornament V.S. dropout, "fidget toy," Christmas album
1:16:24 Tech that will have unforeseen consequences?
1:20:48 Topic #6 - Twitter's "Not a Bot" program to charge users in NZ & PH
1:21:58 Recalling XtremeSystems & Martin's Liquid Lab
1:25:46 Controversial Tweets, SSSniperwolf's react & doxx situation
1:26:57 Linus breaks the bits holder, Sebastien's response
1:28:29 Luke doesn't care about X & bots, Linus mentions Zuckerberg
1:30:20 Huawei's Kirin 9000S bot comments on HotHardware
1:37:44 Sponsor - Thorum ft. Tableballs, Dennis spots
1:39:59 Sponsor - AG1
1:41:08 Sponsor - Seasonic
1:41:51 Merch Messages #2
1:41:56 Thoughts on using AI on deadly war machines? ft. Handshake
1:43:30 Information on the precision screwdriver, any ETA?
1:44:58 Technology you'd like to see on motorcycle helmets and bikes?
1:49:22 Topic #7 - Skull Island: Rise of Kong is terrible
1:50:04 JPEG in cutscene, repetitive combat, looped sound, Luke mentions Capital Games
1:52:12 How come veteran IPs have terrible games?
1:53:17 Linus shows Steam reviews
1:53:52 Topic #8 - AMD's Anti-Lag+ update
1:55:10 Secret Shopper comment, gas analogy, "The Side Effect"
1:56:56 Topic #9 - Marketplace tech repairs caught snooping on devices
1:57:59 Where to go now? Luke on Geek Squad, unintentional access
2:02:18 Topic #10 - Mountain Dew LTT screwdriver
2:02:32 Linus has the screwdriver, the user's offer, Linus's thoughts
2:04:48 Linus teases Ariana's AMD system upgrade, "written off" Linus
2:05:52 Adam's system upgrade video, ECC squad
2:06:58 Topic #11 - Valve's presentation on recommendation systems
2:09:05 Recalling internet's enshitification, Amazon shopping
2:11:45 Topic #12 - AMD's Threadripper 7000 series releasing next month
2:13:18 Recalling first gen Threadripper's price
2:14:01 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark
2:14:42 Companies you want to have WAN Show's level of transparency? ft. Handshake, BlizzCon devs
2:18:40 Aspects of Linus that changed over the years? ft. New CEO, spending habits, consumables
2:39:10 Downsides of reposting videos like the SS 3? ft. Oldschool Runescape
2:45:18 Any advice to encourage a girl's interest in tech?
2:46:05 A path not taken with LTT that you're most curious about its outcome?
2:49:28 Things you've done professionally you'd never do again?
2:57:46 Will there be a tipping point where the market want to push back and own products?
2:57:46 Topic 13: Qualcomm announces RISC-V Android chip
2:59:16 If an AI can predict appliance settings, would you use it?
3:00:38 Storing a large movie library - MicroSD, SSD or USB stick?
3:02:00 What is the worst RMA experience you had?
3:03:11 What defunct products have you seen that have a cloud-based config?
3:05:19 A proverbial hill you'd die on that people wouldn't know about?
3:08:12 Why Build Redux was not included in the Secret Shopper 3?
3:09:13 How do the dropout hoodies hold up at the gym?
3:10:50 Any issues with the pool cooling? Video update?
3:11:39 What was your best deal ever?
3:14:38 Dan's & Luke's favorite Starfield mods?
3:15:55 Outro