AppSheet Office Hours: Create and use AI-powered apps using natural language with Duet AI

Published on 26 Oct 2023, 18:48
Duet AI, an AI-powered collaborator in AppSheet, lets you create intelligent apps and workflows into Google Workspace by describing your idea using natural language. With no coding required, you can build apps by describing your needs in a chat guided by AI-powered prompts.

Join AppSheet Office Hours on December 6th to learn:
- What's possible with Duet AI in AppSheet, including practical use cases
- How to create an app using natural language with Duet AI, including demo walkthroughs
- How to customize and manage your app
- How to easily enter form data using spoken natural language with Duet AI for app users

You'll also have time for live Q&A.

Join, learn, and engage with the AppSheet Community:
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