Leverage Google Meet to enhance connection and reduce your video conferencing spend

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Published on 29 Nov 2023, 17:45
As hybrid work becomes a mainstay of corporate life, companies need solutions to ensure workers can connect wherever they are.

Google Meet is a best-in-class video conferencing solution that will help you foster collaboration, creativity, and connection among employees while delivering top-grade security and privacy - all within your existing Google Workspace subscription.

Tune into the experts to learn how Google Meet can help you meet the challenges of hybrid work and provide meaningful connections for employees whether in the office, at home or anywhere in between.

01:55 How Google Meet is bringing innovation to hybrid work
06:33 Why customers love Google Meet - features and capabilities
07:59 Flexible - Empower your employees to work wherever they are
12:12 Helpful - Duet AI helps you stay connected seamlessly with inclusive, intuitive and easy-to-use meetings
13:19 Collaborative - Connect meaningfully from anywhere and get the most from your time together
16:10 Secure and reliable - Have confidence that your discussions and data are safe – everywhere work happens
19:56 Roadmap: What's coming next!
27:10 Journey to long-term success with Google Meet at your organization
33:02 Resources and what's next
34:40 Q&A

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