Using and customizing Text Banner

Published on 16 Nov 2023, 23:06
*Transcript with Visual Description*

Welcome to Fire TV. In this video, we walk you through using and customizing the Text Banner accessibility feature on your Fire TV device.

Text Banner is an assistive technology designed for customers who have a narrow field of vision, such as tunnel vision, or for those who prefer customizable onscreen text.

It displays a rectangular white box on the screen with the title of the currently focused item and related text.

Text Banner works with text and certain icons on Fire TV and other compatible apps, including Prime Video, making it easier for customers to enjoy movies, videos, and more. Font size, colors, location, and more are customizable.

Note that Text Banner will not show on unsupported apps. It will display again once you return to a compatible app.

To use Text Banner, go to Settings from the Main Menu bar. Select Accessibility and scroll down the list to Text Banner.

You can also quickly activate Text Banner by pressing and holding the *Rewind* and *Fast Forward* buttons at the same time for two seconds.

Once Text Banner is active, a short list of tips and tricks will pop-up. The Text Banner box will also appear on the bottom of your screen.

As you navigate the Home Screen, Text Banner will show content from the focused item, for example title of the section and program, as well as description.

To read through longer content in the Text Banner box, press the *Fast Forward* button. You can also press the *Rewind* button to go back and read previous content.

Even when Text Banner has been enabled, you can still hide it whenever you want by pressing and holding the *Play/Pause* button for about two seconds. Hold the Play/Pause button again to make the Text Banner box reappear.

You can customize the Text Banner font and box size, color, and positioning.

To change the appearance of the text, go to Text Banner settings and select Font Size and Color. Select Text and then Size to make the font smaller or larger. Select Color to customize both the text in the Text Banner box and the outline of the box.

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