T-Mobile: Building a Resilient and Horizontally Scalable Commerce Platform with Kinesis and DynamoDB

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Published on 20 Feb 2024, 16:20
T-Mobile USA is a telecommunications company with millions of prepaid and postpaid customers, pursued customer centric , digital first goal with stability, scalability, and security as its core values. Digital Commerce Platform is a headless AWS cloud-native commerce application supporting digital, care and retail channel. This architecture overview walks through the challenges faced with traditional architecture and how it developed a novel synchronization architecture to support cross-region active/active setup by leveraging the low latency, highly available and multi-region characteristics of DynamoDB. This architecture is able to stream transactional data asynchronously using Kinesis between active stacks, avoiding the risk, cost, and complexity of traditional systems based on tightly coupled relational databases that has helped to achieve zero downtime, canary release support, A/B testing and instant rollback.

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