Meet Chelsea – Module Engineer Technician | Intel

Published on 14 Jun 2024, 0:30
Our Manufacturing Technicians are critical to Intel and the future of technology. They are responsible for the setup, maintenance and performance of the complex machinery that build semiconductors—powering nearly everything in our daily lives. You’ll find them in phones, cars, medical devices, appliances and more. Whether you are right out of school, transitioning military, returning to the workforce or looking for a place that values your skills and expertise, we have a place for you at Intel.

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Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory products, Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor in 1971. This decade, our mission is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on Earth.

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Meet Chelsea – Module Engineer Technician | Intel