I Want My Money Back Adobe - WAN Show June 21, 2024

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Why did you make me build this?
Published on 21 Jun 2024, 19:40
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Timestamps (courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:22 Intro
1:51 Topic #1 - FTC sues Adobe over hidden cancellation fees
2:06 Linus recalls inability of removing an Adobe seat at LMG
4:41 Why Adobe is being sued, EULA, recalling Amazon lawsuit
8:32 Linus on using Adobe's suit, pirated CS6, Luke on Vegas
10:14 Linus on Adobe's small icons
11:46 Topic #2 - Snapdragon's Copilot+ laptops launch
12:42 Linus & Luke boot Elijah off FP, borrowing & liability
14:45 Copilot+ laptops, specs released, Qualcomm, "X1E" models
19:06 Linus on buying TVs from small electronics stores
22:02 Performance, recall of Recall, Copilot, video of malware HDD
26:50 Intel, AMD upcoming chips, Apple's naming scheme
30:38 Qualcomm's unannounced chips, higher WAN viewership
31:48 Linus is excited, mentions MediaTek's naming
33:14 Merch Messages #1
35:08 Is Linus going to replay Fantasian on multiple platforms?
46:10 Have you played other titles before Anno 1800? Favorite setting?
50:50 Topic #3 - Nvidia tries to force partners to buy their servers
51:47 EVGA, NDA, Framework & AMD, recalls MXM, Jensen & Linus
1:00:55 At what point would Nvidia buy AMD?
1:02:48 Topic #4 - Framework board powered by RISC-V
1:04:04 Linus on complexity & rate of change with RISC-V
1:08:36 Linus wonders how hard it'd be to make 4060 mobile GPU
1:10:46 Sponsor - Squarespace
1:12:20 Sponsor - MSI
1:13:19 Sponsor - Control D
1:15:08 Merch Messages #2
1:15:11 Any fun Luke stories from Open Sauce?
1:21:28 Do you plan to bring back older water bottle colors?
1:22:40 LTTStore's new retro TV pet house
1:27:17 Garage sale at the LTT Labs building on the 6th of July
1:30:19 Topic #5 - Softbank's real time "emotion canceling" AI tech
1:37:16 Censorship, "Y2K fashion," music relevancy
1:43:17 Linus's car music story, Luke's concert story
1:46:05 Linus's Knucks shirt, Marineland ft. Linus & Luke singing
1:50:28 Topic #6 - AMD's misleading Ryzen 5000XT benchmarks
1:55:16 Topic #7 - US house passes bill to ban sale and use of DJI
1:56:03 Luke on Ukraine & Darwin's drone warfare.
1:57:32 Topic #8 - New Legend of Zelda game makes Zelda playable
1:58:02 New Mario Party, HD remasters, annual Starfield subscription
1:59:02 Banana ft. Banana puns
2:02:24 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show Afternoon
2:04:11 Has Luke tried Bodycam?
2:05:03 What tech does Luke use for his weight loss journey?
2:07:29 Can Linus elaborate on cats being lightning in a bottle?
2:09:24 James on playing homage V.S. stealing a thumbnail
2:10:44 Would X1E be better received with better marketing?
2:13:49 Sponsor - PIA VPN
2:14:49 How little do tech people know about areas outside their own?
2:15:59 Is reformatting a phone using Linux going to help?
2:16:34 How is LTT's viewership handling?
2:22:56 Linus's favorite Halo: CE? Thoughts on spawn killing?
2:23:46 Most painful LMG inventory item that went missing?
2:26:12 Is Luke going to finish FFVI?
2:26:28 How would YouTube function with Linus as CEO?
2:27:06 Thoughts on AI used by non-emergency 911 to redirect to humans?
2:27:26 Linus's thoughts on Sea of Stars?
2:28:12 Linus projects that needed money but Yvonne didn't approve?
2:28:51 Thoughts on AI as a product V.S. feature as a product?
2:29:54 Did Luke enjoy Rugby? What position did he play?
2:30:54 Is legislation the only solution for companies' behavior?
2:31:28 Outro ft. Annoyed Linus at a lost Eddie Feigner video