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Ask me why I'm Mining in 2023...
Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here: zoho.com/one/lp/linus.html It could take decades to break even with GPU mining in 2023, so why would I install a new GPU
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3 days 27:22
The Dumbest Laptop DELL Ever Made
and use offer code LTT for 10% off Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge by using offer code LINUS at ridge.com/LINUS There are many impractical laptops out there..
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13 days 0:48
This Common Mistake Can Ruin Your Monitor
Cleaning your monitor seems like a simple task, but it's easy to make a fatal mistake. Here's how to avoid damaging your display!
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7 days 0:14
Galaxy Unpacked 2023: Playtime's going to be epic | Samsung
Playtime’s going to be epic. Join us at #SamsungUnpacked live, February 1, 2023. Learn more: smsng.co/Coool_yt #Samsung
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2 days 13:27
Why is EVERYONE buying this monitor???
Save 15% with code LinusTechTips at vessi.com/LinusTechTips Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here: zoho.com/one/lp/linus.html Wanna know why everyone
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19 days 1:49
Galaxy S22 Ultra: Behind The Scenes of ‘Jackals & Fireflies’ by Charlie Kaufman | Samsung
Go behind the scenes of 'Jackals & Fireflies', a short film by Charlie Kaufman, entirely filmed #withGalaxy S22 Ultra.
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25 days 15:14
YOU Get a Supercomputer! - Supermicro AI Workstation @ CES
Find out more about Acer's SpatialLabs branch through the link below: lmg.gg/PN3Vk Check out the Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition with the link below: lmg.gg/fYoBM
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13 days 16:34
I HATE Batteries! - Converting Wireless to Wired (a cheapskate’s guide)
Check out the Vessi StormBurst and their other styles at vessi.com/LinusTechTips. Use code LTT for 15% off your entire order and free shipping.
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27 days 12:16
WEIRD Laptops are Coming...- CES 2023
Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here: zoho.com/one/lp/linus.html Create your build at buildredux.com/linus We're in the Lenovo booth at CES and
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24 days 1:00
Is Apple Giving Magsafe to Android?
The Qi2 standard: businesswire.com/news/home/20230103005082/en/New-Qi2-Standard-for-Wireless-Devices-Ensures-Enhanced-Consumer-Convenience-and-Efficiency
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7 days 16:19
I Declared Victory. I was SOOO Wrong… - Deep WiFi Troubleshooting
Thank you for watching! It can become challenging to communicate online and work from home. With the help of Grammarly, the right tone can move any projects forward!
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28 days 0:58
Stop Reading Megapixel Counts!
Megapixels? They don't matter.
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18 days 13:30
I Got This MYSTERY Motherboard From Reddit - AMD Z490
Check out Micro Center’s New Year Top Deals: micro.center/u36 Submit your build to Micro Center’s Build Showcase: micro.center/40o Learn more about NexiGo's family of webcams here
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15 days 1:00
4 Ways AI Can Save Microsoft!
Hear me out. AI Clippy.
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The open source alternative to my sponsor - Jellyfin vs Plex
Check out Secret Lab at lmg.gg/SecretLabLTT Sign up with Zoho Desk at: lmg.gg/zohodeskltt When we shout about home AV servers, it's like we're shouting into a canyon.
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26 days 8:53
LG Just Took Things to Another Level...
Is this new 45-inch UltraGear the holy grail of gaming monitors? Check out the UltraGear Monitor at the links below! Thanks to LG for partnering on this video.
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20 days 12:39
The 5 Most WEIRD PC Cases
Make device repair a breeze with iFixit's FixMat at iFixit.com/LTT We bought some of the weirdest cases to come out over the past few years that you can still (mostly) buy!
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2 days 2:19
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Behind The Scenes of 'Behold' by Sir Ridley Scott | Samsung
A true sight to Behold. Take a look behind the scenes of a film captured by Sir Ridley Scott, using the Galaxy S23 Ultra's pro-grade camera.
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22 days 2:43
Lies of P - Exclusive 8K Gameplay Footage on Radeon RX 7900 XTX
Lies of P is a highly-anticipated Action RPG launching later this year from our friends at NEOWIZ.
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2 days 3:11
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Behind The Scenes of 'Faith' by Na Hong-jin | Samsung
Take a behind the scenes look at an epic thriller - written and directed by Na Hong-jin - capturing vivid colors of the night with Nightography.
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23 days 14:23
From 3D Screens To Flying Boats: MrMobile's CES 2023 Favorites
From boats that fly, to folding screens (that also slide), to satellites you control and laptops that break your brain a little bit ...
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11 days 9:18
The Craziest Laptop Screen I've Ever Seen...
The latest from ASUS...an immersive 3D experience on your laptop without having to wear special glasses and did I mention its OLED. Sponsored by ASUS.
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1 day 18:01
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Detailed Camera Comparison #supersafstyle ►BUY Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - howl.me/ci2K2NVuUl9 (Get up to $150 Instant Samsung Credit
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27 days 13:43
MSI Made the Gram LG Couldn't - CES 2023
Check out Acer's Earthion initiative through the link below: lmg.gg/wkFRz This year at CES MSI unveiled a bunch of new laptops and shockingly they're super well built!
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3 days 1:17
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Official Unboxing | Samsung
Here’s a first look at what comes included with Galaxy S23 Ultra, starting from a box made from recycled paper.
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14 days 3:36:23
I'm A Short King - WAN Show January 20, 2023
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23 days 12:45
I need to see inside... - Asus CES 2023
Thanks to ASUS for sponsoring today's video!
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28 days 3:07:10
Hey Luke Do You Wanna See Something Weird? - WAN Show January 6, 2023
Check out Acer's newest offerings with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors using the link below: lmg.gg/XfCt4 Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge by using offer code LINUS at
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21 day 2:16:46
YouTube Will Demonetize This Video - WAN Show January 13, 2023
Start planning for your new year with Notion, get started for free: ntn.so/wanshow Take the hassle out of accounting and save 90% on your first 4 months of Freshbooks at
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3 days 17:32
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unboxing Surprise
Samsung sent us a mystery package containing the Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23+ and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra...But didn't make it easy for us...We hope you enjoy.
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