Ask Adam Savage: "Are You an Educator or Entertainer?"

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Published on 19 Apr 2020, 14:00
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While sheltering-in-place, Adam is livestreaming every week to work on builds and take questions from the Tested community! In this Q&A session from April 14, 2020, Adam talks about whether he consider himself an educator or entertainer, upgrades he's made to shop tools, a workshop speaker build, and what he loved about his first car!

Questions answered in this video:

* Do you consider yourself more of an entertainer or an educator?
* Have you ever spilled your drinks while working in the shop?
* Do you have any suggestions for planning projects when you can’t see anything in your mind?
* What technology do you wish was real by now?
* Do you love to monologue in the shop?
* Which watch are you wearing today?
* What piece of equipment have you bought and then upgraded?
* Do you prefer to have noise or quiet when working in the shop?
* What was the first car you loved and hated to see go?

(This was recorded from a livestream on 4/14/20.)

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