Microsoft Surface for Adaptability | Meet Colleen!

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Published on 6 Dec 2021, 17:14
Hybrid Work is hard enough – At Microsoft Surface, we want to empower people to do their best work by keeping them in the flow with devices that help make the technology as invisible as possible to focus on accomplishing what is most important!

Meet Colleen, an accessibility enthusiast and community inspiration who has Cone-rod dystrophy (CRD), an inherited eye disorder that has caused her to lose site incrementally over time. As many of us were prompted to do, Colleen transformed her home into an at-home office to continue her work as an accessibility educator and producing videos for her podcast, Blind Inspiration Cast. She was nominated by her partner for her outreach and advocacy to the blind community.

Her story is one of 3 that have inspired our team to think beyond the four walls that hybrid work has placed us in. We are inspired as we continue to empower others to achieve more, and we hope that these stories inspire you too.

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