Level1 News May 27 2022: C.R.E.A.M. (Cheese)

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Published on 27 May 2022, 4:30


0:00 - Intro
0:28 - Two Military Satellites Just Communicated With Each Other Using Space Lasers
1:48 - Engineers Investigating NASA’s Voyager 1 Telemetry Data
2:32 - NASA’s Mars helicopter was supposed to fly five times. It’s flown 28.
3:29 - U.S. officials say Pentagon committed to understanding UFO origins
5:25 - MIT, Harvard scientists find AI can recognize race from X-rays — and nobody knows how
7:19 - ‘The Game is Over’: AI breakthrough puts DeepMind on verge of achieving human-level artificial intelligence
9:41 - Uber Eats pilots autonomous delivery with Serve Robotics, Motional
11:27 - CDC concerned about possible undetected monkeypox spread in U.K.
12:43 - In South Korea, ‘Ghost Surgeries’ Lead to Cameras in Hospitals
14:29 - Playing Video Games Has an Unexpected Effect on Kids' IQ, Says New Study
16:18 - Texas heat wave: Temperatures knock 6 power plants offline
18:12 - Accidental discovery that scallops love ‘disco’ lights leads to new fishing technique
20:04 - Adidas, Gucci selling $1,300 'umbrella' that isn't waterproof
21:05 - Warzone XP farm discovered in King Kong’s testicles
22:24 - Wisconsin man celebrates eating McDonald's Big Mac every day for 50 years
23:47 - Balenciaga launches 'fully destroyed' sneakers worth a whopping P100,000
25:54 - Highland Park seized their building; the price to get it back was two new police cars
27:19 - Is Bronx Zoo elephant a person? NY high court will decide
28:56 - Hip hop music, A Tribe Called Quest, makes cheese taste best, study says
31:12 - Aurora mom finds crack pipe in Walmart grocery delivery bag
33:24 - Florida woman accused of crashing into multiple cars, throwing fake snake to evade traffic stop
34:17 - Toddler orders 31 McDonald’s burgers with mom’s DoorDash app
35:29 - Frogs Keep Mating With the Wrong Things
37:07 - Rishi Sunak: I can't raise benefits because of 'complicated' computer system
37:56 - Thailand to give away one million free cannabis plants to households, minister says
38:50 - Middle schoolers accused of sexual harassment for not using preferred pronouns, parents say
40:15 - OF's biggest stars are hiring professionals to reply to DMs


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