The Level1 Show August 10 2022: The Meetings Will Continue Until Quarterly Earnings Improve

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Published on 10 Aug 2022, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
1:43 - SpaceX and Viasat fight over whether Starlink can meet FCC speed obligations
4:09 - Apple, GE, other major US companies ask Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action
5:38 - Leaked internal memo reveals Amazon’s anti-union strategies
8:08 - HBO Max, Discovery+ to Launch as Merged Product in Summer 2023
10:12 - GM is doubling the size of its Super Cruise network in the US and Canada
11:41 - Intel to Introduce Wi-Fi 7 in 2024 as Apple Plans Imminent Move to Wi-Fi 6E
12:44 - Raspberry Pi 4 expands 3D potential with Vulkan update
13:51 - Nokia Radio Technology to Enable AST SpaceMobile’s Direct-to-cell Phone Connectivity From Space
14:47 - World of Warcraft Mobile Game Reportedly Cancelled by Blizzard After Finance Dispute
15:53 - Broadband subscriber growth slows to pre-pandemic levels
16:31 - Logitech will launch a handheld cloud gaming device in 2022
17:04 - US spending on video games dipped 13 percent in Q2, says NPD
18:12 - Microsoft Claims Activision Blizzard Doesn't Release "Unique" Games
19:20 - No more Overwatch 2 betas, Blizzard confirms
20:16 - Podcast guests pay big bucks to be interviewed
21:47 - Google CEO to employees: Productivity and focus must improve
22:28 - Oracle starts job cuts in U.S.
22:51 - Robinhood is firing nearly a quarter of its staff
23:13 - SoundCloud Lays Off ‘Up to 20%’ of Workforce
24:19 - Bolt Mobility has vanished, leaving e-bikes, unanswered calls behind in several US cities
25:26 - Amazon is shutting down its cloud storage service Amazon Drive
26:03 - Coinbase shares soar in boost from meme traders, BlackRock crypto deal
27:07 - Forsage crypto executives charged with running $300 million Ponzi scheme
28:18 - College textbook maker Pearson eyes NFTs to claim a cut of second-hand sales
30:44 - Starbucks to unveil its web3-based rewards program next month
32:12 - Record labels’ war on ISPs and piracy nets multiple settlements with Charter
34:48 - Visa, Mastercard suspend payments for ad purchases on Pornhub, MindGeek
36:16 - Newly minted meme stock darling AMTD slides after eye-popping surge
36:55 - Tinder steps back from metaverse dating plans as business falters
37:52 - Google’s Duo and Meet combo apps roll out for Android and iOS
39:07 - Meta sued for violating patient privacy with data tracking tool
40:27 - What 21 billion Facebook friendships say about the economic ladder in the US
41:53 - Meta officially cuts funding for U.S. news publishers
42:46 - Facebook Faces Suspension in Kenya After Approving Genocide Ads
43:41 - Meta is expanding NFT support on Instagram to 100 countries
44:33 - TikTok refused to host disguised account for Chinese government


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