AppSheet Office Hours: Discover new AppSheet databases and no-code Chat Apps

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Published on 3 Nov 2022, 19:05
Join us for AppSheet Office Hours on November 3rd at 11AM PT to dive deeper into new platform enhancements that help improve both the app creator and end user experience - AppSheet databases and no-code Chat Apps.

AppSheet databases are the new first party, native datasource for organizing and managing data powering AppSheet apps. Our experts will demonstrate how to generate an app using AppSheet databases and explain how this new feature helps solve challenges around data formatting, making changes after initial app creation, scalability, sync speeds, and more.

Additionally, with AppSheet No-Code Chat Apps, app creators can ​​add chatbot functionality to their apps so that any AppSheet app can be published as a Chat App to a customer’s Workspace Internal Marketplace with a single click and are available for free internal distribution in their organization.

Lastly, we’ll show you a template that was built by the team in the spirit of real use cases. We’d like to give you a flavor of the depth that can be achieved using AppSheet.

1:22 AppSheet databases
7:42 AppSheet databases demo
12:27 Chat Apps
23:45 Chat Apps demo
27:41 App templates
30:48 App templates demo
34:40 Q&A

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