Panel discussion: Ambient clinical intelligence the next frontier of AI

Published on 27 Oct 2022, 15:40
Ambient technology captures and contextualizes the doctor-patient conversation and automatically documents care in the EMR. Today, this innovation is transforming the provider-patient relationship, alleviating burnout, and improving documentation quality. Tomorrow, the opportunities for the human voice and AI in healthcare are limitless.  
Through ambient voice capture at the point-of-care, we are building a repository of patient voiceprints for future research and development. In this panel session, join Nuance, Microsoft and an academic medical center to explore: 

• How human voice in healthcare will transform the experience for providers and patients at a pediatric endocrine clinic  
• How biomarkers in a patient’s voice can be used to detect disease and identify social determinants of health 
• How ambient sensor data can be used to build out an ecosystem of add-on, ancillary AI services, spotlighting a use case in diagnostic radiology 


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