AWS Supports You | Managing Support Cases in Slack with the AWS Support App

Published on 21 Nov 2022, 21:38
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AWS Supports You: Managing Support Cases in Slack with the AWS Support App gives viewers on our channel an overview of the AWS Support App and includes walkthrough demos of the setup and how to use. This episode originally aired on November 21, 2022.

Introduction 0:00
Introducing the AWS Support App 2:16
How it Works 5:26
Setting Up the Support App 9:06
Channel Set Up Demo 13:35
Slack Demo 22:17
Conclusions 36:46

Helpful Links:

Creating a case:

Replying to cases:

Live chats:


Service quotas:

Prerequisites docs page:

Managed policies for the Support App:

CloudFormation resources:

API Documentation:

Terraform Slack workspace resource:

Terraform Slack channel resource:

Terraform account name resource:

Support App in Slack slash commands:

Main documentation link:

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