Sculpting Hyperrealistic Giant Heads at Wētā Workshop!

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Published on 12 Jan 2023, 15:00
Adam Savage visits Wētā Workshop's sculpting room where he learns how artists sculpt hyperrealistic giant heads for exhibitions like the one in Wētā Workshop Unleashed. Richard Taylor and sculptor Jane Wenley show Adam how details like skin texture and pores are carefully carved into a portrait of art director Johnny Fraser-Allen in 8X scale!

Wētā Workshop Unleashed:
See photos from the exhibition at
The Production Design of Wētā Workshop Unleashed:
Creating a Bigature for Wētā Workshop Unleashed:
Inside Wētā Workshop's Animatronics Lab:
Grass Flocking at Wētā Workshop:
Prop Dagger Build at Wētā Workshop:
Painting a Horror Prop at Wētā Workshop:

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