Launchmetrics: How Launchmetrics Produces Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty Data Insights for 1B Users

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Published on 24 Jan 2023, 19:12
Launchmetrics offers its Brand Performance Cloud tools and intelligence to help fashion, luxury, and beauty retail executives optimize their global strategy. They operated their whole infrastructure on-premises; however, they wanted to scale their data ingestion while simultaneously providing improved and faster insights for their clients. In this video, we explain how Launchmetrics uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to crawl the web for online social and print media. Using the data gathered, customer is able to provide prescriptive analytics and insights to their clients. As a result, clients can understand their brand's momentum and interact with their audience, successfully launching their products. Producing higher quality data insights went from taking them 5-6 minutes in their previous on-premise architecture to less than 1 minute when migrating to AWS.

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