Our Private 5G Solution: REIGN CORE S2

Published on 3 Mar 2023, 20:57
REIGN CORE S2, our all-new P5G solution. Smaller, faster, and with an even larger 5G coverage area of 10,000 square meters, REIGN CORE S2 is built to O-RAN standards and is highly portable for easy deployment in offices, pop-up spaces, warehouses, and more. REIGN CORE S2 is being used at HTC’s booth to transmit real-time video from the VIVE Mars CamTrack x VIVE Originals demo, in high-definition and exquisite detail.

Simultaneously, the high bandwidth REIGN CORE S2 network is hosting a multi-user VR experience to demonstrate an Autodesk VRED 3D engineering collaboration – requiring high-fidelity and low latency. This means the same REIGN CORE S2 network will power both high-definition video and high-quality collaborative VR, at the same time.

Learn more: htcvive.co/3Yax9di

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