WPP Builds DENZA's 3D Car Configurator with NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud

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Published on 8 Aug 2023, 19:15
NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud is helping advertising services company WPP transform Chinese automaker DENZA's highly complex design and marketing pipeline.

Built on OpenUSD and NVIDIA RTX, Omniverse Cloud lets BYD connect full-fidelity data from industry-leading CAD tools to create a physically accurate, real-time digital twin of its DENZA N7. This unified pipeline breaks data and information silos so partners like WPP can start creating marketing content earlier.

Try the DENZA N7 3D Configurator → nvidia.com/en-us/omniverse/clo...

Learn more about Omniverse Cloud → nvidia.com/en-us/omniverse/clo...