Ad Blockers Can't Watch This - WAN Show November 3, 2023

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Published on 4 Nov 2023, 4:11
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:11 Intro
1:36 Topic #1 - YouTube's anti-ad block campaign is successful
4:12 "We're disabling ad blocking to make Chrome safer," article on Hells Angels
7:50 Linus requests books for mic stands
8:16 Linus on the forums's ad block thread, recalling "ad block is piracy"
13:58 Looking into Linus's mic issue
15:12 Topic #2 - White House's executive order addressed towards AI
15:18 Austin Evans was there, summarizing the executive order
17:23 Should AI be government regulated? ft. Linus brought a Super Chexx
19:22 Linus's mic, discussing games to play on the Mac & PC, "profiling"
22:23 Merch Messages #1
23:38 Thoughts on using phones with parental controls? ft. Linus's mic falls
26:04 Dan's mic emulates 2010's YTPs so perfectly that chat cries
26:42 Whatever happened to the UV hoodie Linus tested on Hawaii?
27:50 Dan's mic, ever surprised someone was a fan? ft. Headphone dent
35:32 Got half a dozen of LTT stealth hats, sad they're out of stock
36:33 Linus warns about not covering as many merch messages due to LAN
36:44 LTTStore's new Breadsaurus t-shirt
37:50 LTTStore's stealth sweatpants pro, SLS newsletter & magnetic cable
41:17 Topic #3 - Embark Studios' The Finals' announcers were AI powered
42:18 Luke on the gameplay, objective-oriented, good support
45:38 Linus on the trailer V.S. gameplay AI announcer
48:34 Luke on bypassing the name filter, Linus on voice acting & AI
50:52 Luke on the F2P system & cosmetics, will he go back to it?
51:32 Luke's experience with Final Fantasy VI, commends Linus
56:30 Linus plays Titanfall 2's campaign, discussing Call of Duty
1:05:26 Luke wants to Play BG3 with Emma, Luke's funny party & results
1:08:20 Sponsor - The Ridge
1:09:19 Sponsor - Thorum ft. Ed calling on Skype
1:10:46 Linus calls Ed back, needs help for an emergency video edit
1:11:40 Sponsor - AG1
1:12:58 Topic #4 - EU bans Meta tracking user behavior for targeted ads
1:14:45 dBrand's message to Linus, "what the fudge is a die shrink?!"
1:16:08 Dan fixes background breadsaurus, T-shirt is out of stock
1:16:52 Linus on this becoming a potential new trend
1:17:31 Topic #5 - Microsoft to ban "unauthorized" Xbox accessories
1:18:46 Linus on Xbox's "American Girl & Xbox gaming set"
1:20:28 Nick comes on stream, hints the "floor stuff"
1:21:53 Topic #6 - Underground miner's extreme stress test on the LTT backpack
1:23:54 Steven suggests sending over backpacks to study new changes
1:24:26 Topic #7 - Apple announces M3 & Mac lineup
1:24:44 Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite, Windows on ARM, Luke on replaceable CPUs
1:26:36 Linus is less opposed to CPU being soldered to the board
1:28:38 Topic #8 - Rossmann receives 3 community strikes due to FUTO’s GrayJay
1:30:29 Linus on the potential Floatplane Grayjay plugin
1:33:28 Linus on ELijah, work safe PC signage, "it's not because of any individual employee"
1:34:18 Topic #9 - 23AndMe is to provide GSK consumer DNA data for money
1:35:46 Topic #10 - DwarfHeim to shut down due to the dissolution of the dev team
1:38:30 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Linus does it
1:38:58 How are Luke's birds doing? ft. LG Wing mini update
1:41:09 Why can't we run two Thunderbolt in parallel for more PCI-E?
1:41:55 Given ADHD, does Linus do his best thinking when driving or exercising?
1:42:40 What can Linus do without Yvonne's approval?
1:44:18 Are the dad hats V2 going to be in stock by Christmas?
1:44:34 Luke's thought on requiring software engineers to be licensed ft. LG Wing scrolling, bread
1:46:44 Any new products that you can spoon that might be out for time for holiday gifts?
1:47:17 Ever considered a new WAN Show intro?
1:47:34 Ever heard of Beyond All Reason, or BAR?
1:50:04 Do either of you know what happened to Jack from NCIX?
1:52:02 Would PCs today be better if OS2 & Windows 31 won V.S. MsDOS?
1:52:18 Are sponsors aware of the lack of progress bars on the videos?
1:53:18 New TV update?
1:53:34 What are you going to be playing during the LAN?
1:53:58 How many people will you get to buy ANNO 1800?
1:54:46 When the LAN center opens, will there be a rent-your-PC program?
1:55:14 How can I market my tech skills when some see it as optional?
1:55:58 Did Luke ever dive at Bonaire?
1:56:04 Electric motorcycles ft. EV cars can emulate the feel of a manual
1:58:16 Outro