How to find movies and TV shows using VoiceView

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Published on 16 Nov 2023, 23:06
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Welcome to Fire TV. In this video, we walk you through how to find movies and TV shows using VoiceView on your Fire TV device.

VoiceView is the screen reader that speaks on-screen text out loud on Amazon devices. It’s designed for people who are blind or who have low vision, when browsing movies and TV shows, navigating menu options, and customizing settings.

As a reminder, to use VoiceView, press and hold the *Back* and *Menu* buttons on your *Alexa Voice Remote* for about two seconds and you will hear: “VoiceView Ready” indicating VoiceView is now running.

Pressing those buttons again will turn VoiceView off.

To learn more about the location of buttons and their functions, check out the video: Getting to know your Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV devices.

On Fire TV, you can search for movies or TV shows by using Alexa with the microphone on your remote, or by pressing the buttons on your remote with the assistance of the VoiceView screen reader.

To use Alexa and the microphone on your remote to search for content...

Press and hold down the Voice button located at the top center of your Alexa Voice Remote. Once pressed, you will hear a chime and you can begin speaking. Release button once you've finished speaking and you'll hear another chime.

You can say things like:
“Play ‘Modern Love’”
“Show me documentaries”
“Show Dwayne Johnson movies”
“Open Prime Video”

Or even get more specific with things like “Play episode 5, season 2 of ‘Jack Ryan’.”

Alexa will display the results and you can use the navigation ring to scroll.

As you scroll, VoiceView speaks on-screen text out loud, such as app names. Press the Select button once the entertainment option you’d like to watch is spoken aloud.

You can use the Find function to locate specific movies, TV shows, or an actor’s collection of work. From the *Main Menu bar*, navigate right to *Find*, then navigate down and select *Search*. The on-screen keyboard will appear.

Use the *Navigation Ring* to locate characters within the on-screen keyboard by pressing *Up*, *Down*, *Left*, and *Right*. VoiceView speaks out each letter or character, as you search through the keyboard. Press the *Select* button in the center of the *Navigation Ring* to enter the letter or character.

After each letter or character is entered, Fire TV will update and display a list showing results that match the entered item.

Press the *Down* button on the *Navigation Ring* to scroll below the keyboard to access the list. Once you reach the list, VoiceView speaks each item, along with the list length. When VoiceView mentions the result you’re looking for, press the *Select* button. Note that the results of your query may invite you to download or purchase an app.

When you browse the results and select a specific movie or show, Fire TV will initially display a program detail screen, as well as other similar titles.

VoiceView will speak details like the title, user rating, IMDB rating, duration, year of release, closed captioning, and description.

You can hear these details spoken faster by pressing the *Fast Forward* button. If you missed a detail, or want to go back, you can do so by pressing the *Rewind* button.

While VoiceView is reading this list, Fire TV may also autoplay an excerpt from the program.

To prevent the overlap of audio between VoiceView and the excerpt, you can turn off the autoplay feature by going to Settings, Preferences, Featured Content, and turning off Video Autoplay, Audio Autoplay, or both.

VoiceView will read the title, ratings, and running time before describing the selected item, unless it's customized to read only certain information.

On your program detail page, use the *Up* or *Down* button on the *Navigation Ring* to move between the details mentioned.

If the program requires a purchase, VoiceView will let you know the cost. You may also be required to download the app to view the selection.

As you scroll further down, you will find additional content including similar movies or TV shows under *Customers Also Watched* and other programs that feature actors from the movie or show selected.

While your movie or show is playing, you have additional playback options. To access these options, pause the program, then press the *Menu* button twice.

A menu will appear with options like *Watch from Beginning*, *Subtitles*, *Audio* (including audio description on select content), and *Next Episode* for TV shows. You can scroll Up or Down between these options using the Navigation Ring.

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