Designer Wet Vacuum & Fabric Cleaner - UWANT B100-S Multi Spot Cleaner Review & Test (Car Seat Test)

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Published on 20 Nov 2023, 18:29
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00:00 – Teaser & Intro
01:31 – Detailed Unboxing
02:26 – Accessories & Manual
04:15 – First Impressions
04:58 – Detailed Overview
07:11 – Setup & Test
10:51 – How To Use It
14:43 – Real World Test
16:45 – Conclusion & Outro

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The UWANT B100-S multiple spot cleaner is a great looking and super portable 3-in-1 wet vacuum and a game changer in the whole spot cleaning segment. The main focus of this device is maximum comfortability. It’s a compact and rather light but still powerful system. So you can easily bring it everywhere and it also has a long hose that makes cleaning even hard to reach spots a breeze. And best of all, thanks to the 3-in-1 design, you don’t need to prepare or finish of the cleaning area, the B100S is an all in one cleaning solution that will apply water or a cleaning solution, it has bristles to loosen up the dirt and it will suck out and absorb the liquid and the dirt right away all the way to a depth of 6 cm.

So even dried up stains or dirt deep down will get removed easily, we’re talking soft drinks, coffee, pet or kids urine, wet footprints, all sorts of liquid dirt, it will work on virtually everything and literally also ON virtually everything. Sofas, carpets, beds, curtains, plush toys, car seats and interior, tons and tons of possibilities. So with this you can forget about heavy lifting and heavy hand scrubbing. Deep cleaning your fabric items was never easier so let’s check it out in detail!

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