English Google SEO office-hours from June 2024

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Published on 13 Jun 2024, 13:00
This is an audio-only recording of the Google SEO office-hours from April 2024 - a transcript is available at goo.gle/SEO-june24.

These sessions cover topics submitted around anything search and website-owner related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc. The answers are compiled by the Google Search Relations team.

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0:00 - Intro
0:28 - How can one be transparent in the use of AI translations without being punished for AI heavy content?
1:35 -Does Search Console include site search results?
1:46 - PageSpeed Insights vary from time to time when I check my website. Why is it not stable? Can you give me the performance score?
2:50 - We've just bought a domain name, but the cache hasn't reset and it's not showing up in Google results. How do we fix this?
3:32 - Is it "against" webmaster guidelines if we use AI tools to generate initial content drafts but have hired editors to humanize and review them, and to implement brand and SEO guidelines?
4:27 - Does an auto translation of my website for other regions affect my ranking negatively?
4:55 - Do many affiliate links hurt the ranking of a page?
5:32 - Should I fix all broken backlinks to my site to improve overall SEO?
5:54 - Is a website using NextJS technology SEO friendly? Are there any issues I need to pay attention to in order to configure my website to be SEO friendly?
7:00 - I canonicalized part time course pages to full time course pages on a university website as the content was 93% same. Is this a good strategy?
7:18 - If most crawl requests are sent to a subdomain that's not used anymore, what should be the best course of action? No-index? Redirection?
8:22 - How to alert Google of sabotage via toxic links?
8:49 - On March 3rd 2024 we migrated our website from a bespoke e-commerce site to Shopify. Since then our search traffic has fallen by over 60%. What could be the reason?
10:46 - Is it important for title tags to match the H1 tag?
11:04 - Does Google penalize duplicate content for localized websites?
11:17 - I am using a third party tool to check indexation in Google search results for an A/B Test. Is this in violation of Google's machine generated traffic policy?
11:54 - I have a High Search Volume, with a Top number 1 Keyword Ranking, and my CTR is just 0.8%. What could be the reason for the low CTR? What's your suggestion?
12:56 - Can broken HTML and errors in browser console cause a negative impact on a website?
13:22 - On some of my e-commerce category pages, is it ok to list (and link to) all products pages with all variants for Googlebot but not to list all for humans?
14:12 - The SEO Starter Guide specifically makes the statement “If your website includes pages that are primarily about individual videos…” Can we have clarification on the meaning of this?
14:52 - Why would Google consider LinkedIn Pulse articles as an original publisher even though it was published on our website first?
15:46 - Wrap up

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Speakers: John Mueller, Gary Illyes
Products Mentioned: Search Console - General
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