FINALLY! The Ultimate Gaming/Work Setup For Small Apartments

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Published on 30 Sep 2022, 15:30
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I have wasted years of my life without this setup... it is so simple compared to the nonsense I used to run.

It's centered around a few key pieces... the main monitor. It's an ultra-wide, but not 21:9. It's 21:10 for those extra productivity pixels. Why not go 4k? Well if you look at my video on 4k monitors, you'll understand the issues there.

With this Alienware/Dell AW3821DW, I get 3840x1600 pixels AND I don't have to scale anything... so I get to use all the real estate. When running smaller 4k monitors, I end up with less usable space because I have to run 125% scaling at a minimum. So, this is the sweet spot and the extra pixels over a normal 21:9 monitor are awesome to have.

My Monitors
Sides: (hard to recommend... it's just too old and bulky)

TV Speakers: (sound great with EQ only)

CRT I use is a Gateway VX1120, also the same as the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2020u.


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