Efficient Large-Scale AI Workshop | Session 1: Skills acquisition and new capabilities

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Published on 4 Nov 2022, 20:13
This workshop was part of the Microsoft Research Summit 2022: microsoft.com/en-us/research/e...

AI today only covers a small number of the skills compared to humans; to bring the benefits of AI to a broader set of scenarios, we need to develop AI that can learn to quickly accomplish new tasks and adapt to new and changing environments. 

0:00 Efficient Large-Scale AI Workshop intro

3:00 Infrastructure and Progress Towards the First Community-Built and Continually-Improved Model
Colin Raffel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

57:50 Combining modular skills in multitask learning
Edoardo M. Ponti, University of Edinburgh

1:43:21 Mitigating the Order Sensitivity of Pretrained Language Models
Cristina Garbacea, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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