Food Security Workshop | Day 1: Modern R&D

Published on 17 Nov 2022, 3:20
This workshop was part of the Microsoft Research Summit 2022:

This session of the workshop focused on the challenges the Food R&D industry faces in efficiently transforming data-driven insights and technology advances into food products R&D. These talks focus on agriculture R&D related to genomics, computation chemistry, and ML techniques in R&D functions, to transform and ‘Modernize’ the R&D that leverages technology to enable agility, reduce cost, and deliver better outcomes.  

0:00 Workshop Opening
Jiang Biang, Microsoft Research Asia

2:37 Recent AI advances for accelerating R&D
Jiang Biang, Microsoft Research Asia

17:12 Confidential clean rooms for Compliant AI
Satya Lokam, Microsoft Research India

31:20 Developing ML models to approximate and predict food protein digestibility
Sara Malvar, Microsoft Research

52:24 Applications of AI and ML in food process engineering: state of the art
Ronit Mandal, Plant Protein Innovation Center (PPIC)

1:16:11 Generative models and transformers for chemistry
Morris Sharp, Microsoft Research Redmond

1:28:40 Introduction to ag-genomics
Angels de Luis Balaguer, Microsoft Research Redmond

1:50:57 Harnessing the power of AI for animal phenotyping
Joao Dorea, University of Wisconsin Madison

2:33:52 Leveraging AI to improve crop production
Swati Sharma, Microsoft Research Redmond

2:54:56 Trustworthy supply chains using DNA tags
Yuan-Jyue Chen, Microsoft

3:05:01 Day 1 Closing
Ranveer Chandra, Microsoft Research Redmond

Day 2 Workshop video:

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