Home Server Hardware Round-Up

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Published on 7 Jul 2022, 19:00
Missed all of our other videos about home servers? No worries, this video will give you a nice taste of all the hardware! But uh, maybe go watch the other videos too yeah?

Servers Mentioned!
+ Dell OptiPlex: amazon.com/dp/B019HQAL88/?tag=...
+ Intel NUC 9 Pro: amazon.com/dp/B086LFB22V/?tag=...
+ Elitemini B550: store.minisforum.com/products/...
+ Supermicro Micro-Tower Server: micro.center/a1edc8
+ AsRock DeskMeet B660: asrock.com/nettop/Intel/DeskMe...

Videos Mentioned:

+ Intel Xeon Nuc, Now w/PCIe Expansion!: youtu.be/fIrkJgADemo
+ Small and Quiet: Elitemini B550 Review: youtu.be/2ozLiWQZWDs
+ Mini Server!!!: youtu.be/wX5vFN3iIWo
+ #UltimateHomeServer - Thoughts on Diskless Raspberry Pi for Home Technology/IoT: youtu.be/l-JQHzWT1OU
+ Deskmeet B660: More Like Desk Meat! 128gb / 20tb dGPU in a Tiny Package: youtu.be/kL9k7LHMwYc

Alder Lake
+ Intel: Unleash the Aldritch Horror: youtu.be/Egm65DNYDMw
+ Alder Lake GRUDGE MATCH! i7-12700K vs i9-12900K: youtu.be/mHX8saSHHrY
+ Alder Lake 12900k and 12600K Launch and Benchmarks!: youtu.be/kakHA7nDqrI

Watch The Level1Servers Playlist!
+ Level1Servers Playlist: youtube.com/watch?v=KDKCQEtHua...

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