Tested in 2022: Bill's Favorite Things!

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Published on 6 Dec 2022, 2:00
PolyCAM: poly.cam
Satisfactory: coffeestainstudios.com/support...
Marvel Anatomy: amzn.to/3VY4kjT
Crush Metric Pen: crushmetric.com
Shapeoko 4: shop.carbide3d.com/products/sh...
Evaporust: amzn.to/3iGAvG3
SiliCon: siliconsj.com
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Bill checks in to share some of his favorite things from 2022, including his favorite cosplay build, a new CNC shop tool, an awesome Marvel coffee table book, and his trip to SiliCon this summer! Find more of Bill's builds and projects at punishedprops.com

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