How Many Case Fans do you Actually Need?

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Amazing Matx Cases Are Back!
Published on 10 May 2023, 14:52
The Antec Performance 1 FT has room for a huge number of fans but how many do you actually need for air and water cooling? Let's talk about case airflow, how to get fresh air to your components and how too much airflow might be a problem too.

0:00 - Antec Who?
0:33 - The concept: Air vs AIO
0:54 - ALL the fan slots
2:05 - Cooling Performance vs ATX Cases
3:12 - Air Cooling (Stock vs All Fans)
5:10 - Vertical Air Cooling (Stock vs All Fans)
5:50 - AIO Cooling (Stock vs All Fans)
6:33 - AIO vs Air (Which is better?)
7:12 - The MOST Interesting Surprise!
8:44 - Is ANTEC really back???

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