The Level1 Show October 13 2023: Ex Sues Ex Over X

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Published on 13 Oct 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:32 - Predictive Policing Software Terrible at Predicting Crimes
1:54 - Deepfake celebrities begin shilling products on social media, causing alarm
2:51 - Researchers say current AI watermarks are trivial to remove
3:30 - Dead grandma locket request tricks Bing Chat’s AI into solving security puzzle
4:17 - Can AI predict, and try to prevent, homelessness?
5:32 - Google is using Bard for a generative AI-enhanced version of Assistant
5:57 - Websites can choose to opt out of Google Bard and future AI models
6:30 - $260 Million AI Company Releases Undeletable Chatbot That Gives Detailed Instructions on Murder, Ethnic Cleansing
7:26 - Social Media Dunks on A.I. Batman 'Comic'
8:37 - Chipotle robots may soon make your burrito bowls and salads
9:19 - Japan startup develops 'Gundam'-like robot with $3 mln price tag
10:34 - The robot wolves trying to scare off Japan's bears
11:22 - 'I was kidnapped by my runaway electric car'
12:31 - The FCC has issued its first space debris fine to Dish Network
13:31 - NASA plans to build houses on the moon by 2040
14:13 - NASA opens OSIRIS-REx's asteroid-sample canister
15:32 - This giant, next-generation satellite is now one of the brightest objects in the night sky
16:36 - Defense Department official Frederick Moorefield charged in dogfighting ring
17:51 - Pakistan: Gang removed hundreds of kidneys to sell to wealthy clients, police say
19:18 - Newly released video shows Jack in the Box drive-thru worker shooting at Florida family
19:57 - Car Thieves Steal Nearly Every Car From Philadelphia Dealer Open Less Than a Week
20:30 - New Jersey man crashes vehicle into police station while blasting Guns N' Roses' 'Welcome To The Jungle,' police say
21:24 - After traffic-stop video goes viral, Newton police sue citizen for defamation
23:45 - Grimes sues Elon Musk, claims he won’t let her ‘see my son’
25:48 - Missouri teacher on leave after school finds OnlyFans page
27:56 - Court tosses $223.8 million verdict against J&J in talc cancer case
29:15 - Couple suing Disney World claims water slide caused 'painful wedgie,' severe injury
33:13 - Users of weight loss drugs like Ozempic are buying less food, Walmart says
35:47 - How Neuralink Keeps Dead Monkey Photos Secret
37:31 - Crocodile Sex Bonanza Triggered By Low-Flying Chinook In Australia
38:27 - 13-foot-long python survives five months eating cats in Oklahoma trailer park
39:10 - Portsmouth man charged with shooting nearly 80 hawks to protect squirrels
39:55 - Motorist fined after dog seen behind wheel of speeding car
40:35 - Texas couple is arrested for sale of 2 exotic feline cubs
41:53 - Bidens' dog, Commander, involved in more White House biting incidents than previously reported
43:13 - Comedy Wildlife Photo Award 2023 finalists revealed

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