TCS: GeoSpatial Data Analysis Using TCS Digital Platform for Next-Gen Agriculture (DNA)

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Published on 12 Jan 2023, 23:05
TCS Digital Platform for Next Gen Agriculture (DNA) caters to stakeholders from the agriculture sector like agri-finance, agri-banking, and farmers. Learn how the TCS DNA platform does Geo-Spatial data analysis on 329 million hectares of area in India to determine the crop area, crop health, crop yield, and soil moisture. Registry of Open Data on AWS helped TCS reduce data transfer cost by 65% by providing only the required Satellite spectral bands. 3,400 parallel Amazon SageMaker processing jobs provided the much needed spatial scalability required to process data for the entire India region. Amazon CloudFront improved the user experience & reduced data transfer cost by caching multiple India maps of high resolution and size. By leveraging Graviton2 instances on EKS, TCS DNA platform was able to save cost & align their platform with their overall goal of building sustainable platforms. This cost efficient & sustainable architecture helped the TCS DNA platform increase its spatial scalability to cover entire India region and also improve its temporal scalability by reducing the interval of data processing from 5 days to 1 day.

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