A 2 Year Old Problem for NVIDIA?

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Published on 18 May 2023, 16:07
What's the best GPU upgrade right now? Well the RX 6800 XT has always been one of the best value GPUs but the RTX 4070 tends to have the edge in power consumption and other areas. So with the 6800 XT vs RTX 4070 debate, which should you choose right now...or does the RX 6950 XT factor into the equation now too? Let's focus on an older 9700K system to see if either of these are the best GPU upgrade.

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0:00 - RTX 4070 vs 6800 XT Price is Important
1:00 - The GPU Upgrade vs Power Consumption
3:09 - Sponsor Spot
3:40 - The RX 6950 XT Enters the Chat
4:14 - System Setup & Specs
5:40 - You CANNOT Compare Benchmarks
6:08 - 1080p Gaming Benchmarks
7:35 - 1440p Gaming Benchmarks
8:56 - CPU Bottlenecks for GPU Upgrades
10:17 - A Quick Scheduler Discussion
11:00 - 6950XT vs an i7-9700K
12:10 - Ray Tracing Performance
13:27 - Overall Performance Summary
14:53 - 6800XT vs RTX 4070 vs RX 6950 XT

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